Pre-Show and On Site Marketing

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Marketing Your Event

To produce the largest turnout and the best results, Dynamic Event Solutions understands how important pre-show marketing is to your trade show. We handle pre-event registration, deal with acceptances and questions, arrange accommodations and inform attendees of the event schedule as well as actively engage your prospects with pre-show marketing.

  • Pre-event registration
  • Manage acceptances and questions
  • Arrange accommodations
  • Event schedule

Turn Ordinary into Extraordinary

On-Site Marketing

While pre-show marketing reels people in, on-site marketing captures their attention. With promotions and giveaways, informational materials and activities, your attendees are entertained and inspired throughout the event.

  • Capture attention
  • Promotions
  • Giveaways
  • Informational materials

It’s time to let Dynamic Event Solutions take the reins and steer your event toward success. Enjoy premium service without the premium price tag. Our experience and expertise shine above the rest at every moment. So let us handle your corporate event planning from start to finish, and experience a truly awe-inspiring event.


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